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Enfield Lionheart Custom Shop 'Silver Sparkle' EX DEMO

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  • €3,049.00

Available from Martin Sims this beautiful custom shop bass.

It has a few beautiful extras none standard option (birdseye maple neck + custom color)

list price of this is 2800 euros + VAT.

It is offered with an amazing discount of ten % due to bass being NAMM EX DEMO.

Our unique Super-Quad pickup contains four parallel hand-wound coils which, when connected to our patented Tri-Logic switching system, allow the user to alternate between the three most iconic pickup coil configurations;
SPLIT COIL [Precision Bass], SINGLE COIL [Jazz Bass] and FULL HUMBUCKER [StingRay].

Simplicity is guaranteed with the use of our tri-colour LED (housed inside each Super-Quad) which gives clear indication of the selected pickup mode.

Not only do you have unrestricted access to all three of the classic pickup tones you've heard on millions of records [in a single pickup], there is tonnes of room to expand upon them by taking advantage of the FIFTEEN uniquely possible, different pickup configurations. All whilst experiencing no change in output volume.

Contrary to common perception, due to the tri-colour coil mode LEDs, our Super-Quad pickups are completely PASSIVE. That is because our aim when designing the pickup was to achieve the three classic [passive] tones within a single housing. However, they are very effectively used with active preamps as well as passive circuitry.

Bass comes with full warranty from Builder and dealer anyways

Ex demo price in Europe : 2520 + 21% VAT = 3049 euros 

ex demo price out of Europe : 2520 euros