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Dingwall Guitars ABZ 4 'Purple Burst'

Dingwall Guitars ABZ 4 'Purple Burst'

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now in stock - basic but beautiful - buyer responsible for all duties out of Europe

The Dingwall ABZ bass guitar is a highly regarded instrument known for its innovative design, exceptional build quality, and versatile tonal capabilities. Here's a breakdown of some key features of the Dingwall ABZ bass:

  1. Multi-Scale Fretboard: Like many Dingwall basses, the ABZ model features a multi-scale fretboard design. This means that the scale length varies across the strings, typically with a longer scale length for the lower strings and a shorter scale length for the higher strings. This design enhances string tension and intonation, resulting in improved playability and tone.

  2. Fanned-Fret System: Dingwall basses utilize a fanned-fret system, where the frets are angled to accommodate the varying scale lengths. This design helps to optimize the balance between string tension, intonation, and tone across all strings, particularly in the lower register.

  3. Pickup Configuration: The ABZ model typically features a combination of pickups, including one active pickup and two passive pickups. This configuration allows for a wide range of tonal options, from deep and punchy to clear and articulate.

  4. Quality Construction: Dingwall instruments are renowned for their exceptional build quality and attention to detail. They are crafted using high-quality materials such as select woods for the body and neck, premium hardware, and top-notch electronics.

  5. Ergonomic Design: The ABZ bass boasts a sleek and ergonomic design, with body contours designed for comfort during extended playing sessions. The instrument's balanced weight distribution and well-thought-out construction contribute to its overall playability and comfort.

  6. Versatile Tone: Thanks to its unique pickup configuration and electronics setup, the Dingwall ABZ offers a versatile range of tones suitable for various musical styles. Whether you're playing funk, rock, metal, jazz, or anything in between, the ABZ can deliver the sound you're looking for.

Overall, the Dingwall ABZ bass guitar is a top choice for bassists who demand exceptional performance, versatility, and quality craftsmanship. Whether you're a professional musician, recording artist, or enthusiast, the ABZ delivers the goods both on stage and in the studio.

body - swamp ash 

Neck - 5 piece maple 

fingerboard - Wenge 

Pickups - Dingwall FDV

scale - 36,25 to 34 inch 

pre amp - Darkglass 

weight - 3,69 kilo 

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