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DINGWALL GUITARS NG3 NOLLY SIGNATURE 5 STRING 'Ducati White Pearl" (4 pieces ready)

DINGWALL GUITARS NG3 NOLLY SIGNATURE 5 STRING 'Ducati White Pearl" (4 pieces ready)

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The NG3 Dingwall 5-string bass equipped with a Darkglass preamp is a powerful and versatile instrument designed to meet the needs of discerning bass players. The NG3 model from Dingwall is known for its innovative fan-fret design, optimizing string tension and enhancing intonation across the neck, while the inclusion of an additional low B string on the 5-string version expands the instrument's range.

The Darkglass preamp adds a significant sonic dimension to this already impressive bass. Darkglass Electronics is renowned for its high-quality preamps and pedals, especially favored for their ability to shape bass tones with precision. The preamp likely includes EQ controls for bass, midrange, and treble, allowing for fine-tuning of the instrument's sound. 

The combination of the NG3 Dingwall 5-string bass and the Darkglass preamp creates a versatile and dynamic setup suitable for various playing styles and musical genres. Whether you're aiming for a clean, punchy tone or a more aggressive, distorted sound, this configuration allows for a wide range of tonal possibilities. It's an excellent choice for bassists who prioritize both extended range and tonal flexibility in their playing.

Body Alder

Ducati white pearl 

Neck and fingerboard : Maple with 24 Banjo Frets (Satin)

nut 45,5 mm

Medium C shape neck

scale - 37 to 34 inch

Darkglass Pre amp Tone Capsule 

Controls Volume, Pickup selector, Bass 70Hz, Low mid 500Hz, High mid 2,5KHz

18 mm String spacing

average weight of 4,2 kilo 

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