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Dingwall Guitars Z3 5 'Purple to Turquoise burst'

Dingwall Guitars Z3 5 'Purple to Turquoise burst'

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The Dingwall Z3 Custom Shop Purple to Turquoise Burst is a high-end bass guitar manufactured by Dingwall Guitars. Dingwall is known for its innovative designs, particularly its multi-scale basses, which feature a fanned fret design that optimizes string tension and intonation across the fretboard.

The Z3 model is part of Dingwall's lineup, known for its premium craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and attention to detail. The Purple to Turquoise Burst finish suggests a stunning gradient color scheme, transitioning from purple to turquoise, which adds a unique aesthetic appeal to the instrument.

In terms of specifications, the Z3 likely features top-notch components such as premium woods for the body and neck, high-quality hardware, and pickups tailored to produce a versatile range of tones suitable for various musical styles.

Overall, the Dingwall Z3 Custom Shop Purple to Turquoise Burst is not only a visually striking instrument but also a top-performing bass designed for professional musicians who demand excellence in tone, playability, and aesthetics.

now in stock - Not collecting taxes out of Europe 

Body - Swamp ash 

Neck - maple 

fingerboard - Wenge

weight - 3,75 kilos 

colours - purple to Turquoise with Gloss finish 

scale - 37 to 34 

pickups - FDV

Pre amp - DarkGlass

string spacing - 18 mm 

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