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Mayones Guitars Jabba Custom 'Buckeye Burl'

Mayones Guitars Jabba Custom 'Buckeye Burl'

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The Mayones Jabba Custom is a high-end bass guitar model crafted by Mayones Guitars & Basses, a renowned Polish instrument manufacturer. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Mayones instruments are sought after by professional musicians worldwide.

The "Jabba" series typically refers to Mayones' interpretation of classic bass designs, often featuring modern innovations and premium materials. In this case, the "Buckeye Burl" refers to the type of wood used for the instrument's top.

Buckeye Burl is a highly prized wood known for its unique grain patterns and stunning visual appeal. It's sourced from the burl of the Buckeye tree, primarily found in the United States. The swirling patterns and rich colors make it a popular choice for high-end instruments, adding both aesthetic beauty and tonal character.

When combined with Mayones' meticulous construction and top-quality hardware and electronics, the Mayones Jabba Custom Buckeye Burl bass guitar would likely offer exceptional sound, playability, and visual appeal, making it an attractive option for discerning musicians seeking a premium instrument.

Body - Swamp ash with Buckeye burl top

neck - maple with Pao Ferro 

nut - 38,5 

weight - 4,13 kilo 

radius - 20 

scale -  34,25

pickups and electronics - Mayones 

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