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Ormsby Guitars Hype Elite 'Copper Top'

Ormsby Guitars Hype Elite 'Copper Top'

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Ormsby Guitars is an Australian-based custom guitar manufacturer known for producing high-quality instruments with innovative designs. The Ormsby Guitars Hype Elite is one of their models that garnered attention for its unique features and craftsmanship.

The Hype Elite typically features a modern ergonomic design, often with a multi-scale fretboard. Multi-scale fretboards are designed with different scale lengths for each string, providing improved intonation and tension across the neck. This feature is particularly popular among players who favor extended-range guitars and down-tuning.

Ormsby guitars are often praised for their attention to detail, quality materials, and customizable options. The Hype Elite is no exception, with various options for wood types, finishes, hardware, and pickups to suit the preferences of individual players.

Overall, the Ormsby Guitars Hype Elite is renowned for its playability, tone, and striking aesthetics, making it a desirable choice for discerning guitarists seeking a high-performance instrument.

Run - Elite 1 

Body - Swamp Ash 

neck - Wenge 

Fingerboard - White Ebony 

finish - Copper print 

pickups - Blizzard / Ceramic Concordian 

scale - 25,5 to 27,5 scale 

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