Collection: Dingwall Guitars

We offer a wide selection of ready-to-play Dingwall bass models for sale (Combustion, NG2, NG3, D-Roc) and Canadian made Custom Shop models (Super J, Super P, Super PJ, Z3, Afterburner, Lee Sklar signature) in 4 string, 5 string or 6 string declinations.  In stock or on order.

Various colours available: Ducati White, Laguna Blue , Gold Matte , Aquamarine, Metallic Black , Black Forest Green, Celestial Blue, Ari Gold, Ferrari Green, ...

Dingwall NG3 5 Ducati white are always on order! 

We can help you order the Custom Shop Dingwall bass of your dreams.

Dingwall are well known for their multiscale (or fanned-fret) basses which provide:
- Equalized tension from string to string.
- Strong fundament tones without bad harmonics or overtones.
- No more floppy B string (the Best B in the business!)