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The Dingwall NG3 6-string bass in Shell Pink is a specific model from Dingwall Guitars. Here are some general features you can expect from this instrument:
  1. NG3 Series:

    • The NG3 series from Dingwall is known for its ergonomic design and innovative features.
    • Typically features a fan-fret design, where the scale length varies for each string. This design optimizes string tension and improves overall playability and intonation.
  2. 6-String Configuration:

    • The bass has six strings, tuned in the standard bass tuning (B E A D G C).
  3. SHell Pink  Finish

  4. Construction and Materials:

    • Dingwall basses are known for their high-quality construction and materials. The body and neck are likely made from quality woods, providing a solid and resonant foundation.
  5. Pickups:

    • Dingwall basses often come equipped with their own proprietary pickups, designed to complement the extended range and fan-fret design.
  6. Hardware:

    • Expect high-quality hardware, such as precision tuners and a durable bridge system. Dingwall instruments are known for their attention to detail in terms of hardware.
  7. Playability:

    • The fan-fret design and overall construction contribute to improved playability, making it easier for the player to navigate the extended range of strings.

It's worth noting that specific details can vary, and Dingwall may release different versions or updates to their models over time. If you're interested in this bass, it's a good idea to check the latest information on Dingwall's official website or contact authorized dealers for the most accurate and up-to-date specifications.

Body Alder

Shell Pink Matte 

Neck and fingerboard : Maple with 24 Banjo Frets (Satin)

nut 55mm

Medium C shape neck

scale - 37 to 33,25 inch 

Darkglass Pre amp Tone Capsule

Controls Volume, Pickup selector, Bass 70Hz, Low mid 500Hz, High mid 2,5KHz

18 mm String spacing

weight : around 4,3 kilo 

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