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Dingwall Guitars

We carry at all times a vast selections of Dingwall bass NG2 , NG3 , D-Roc and soon custom shop.... Super jazz!!

Ducati white, Laguna blue , Gold matte , aquamarine , Metallic black , Black Forest green. 4 strings , 5 strings and 6 string basses. NG2 and NG3. D-Roc 5 standard are in stock too!! Dingwall Lee Sklar Signature !! 

Dingwall NG3 5 Ducati white are always on order ! 

You can order a Dingwall Combustion , NG2 or NG3 or anything at all times 

Order your own Dingwall NG3 bass now !! Celestial Blue NG3 now on the way!