We Ship anywhere on the planet. We are not collecting import duties. You are responsible for them when your shipment enters your country. You are ordering from Europe.

About us

Bass Freaks is a one man (+ one cat šŸˆ) operation started in 2016.

SinceĀ then, we've provided 700+ instruments shipped to 50+ countries around the globe. We ship everywhere.

Our showroom is located in Brussels, BE (1050) and available only by appointment from Monday to Saturday (11am / 7pm)

Our main mission is to focus on high-end and exclusive instrumentsĀ such as (but not limited to):

  • Dingwall (NG2s/NG3s and custom shop always on order)
  • Maruszczyk (extremely high value for the money and many custom options)
  • Sadowsky
  • Moon (legendarily used by Larry Graham)
  • Mayones
  • Xotic
  • Alpher

We only carry brandsĀ which we feel give great value for money andĀ that we believe in and trust.

We have a stock of newer things which we feel give great value for money or things for which we were stunned by their uniqueness (Alpher instruments being one of them).

We can help you order your own custom basses through most of makers and make your dream instrument come true.

We also offer a selection of amps and cabs (Vanderkley & Darkglass)

We are committed to only working with companies which have a great reputation and name in the business.

Message usĀ via Email or Facebook and you'll always be managed by the same person (me šŸ˜‰)

- Pete


Pete Ganseman - Maruszczyk