Terms of service


These are the terms & Conditions of sales

1 : All prices includes Europe Tax if you are in Europe. Customers in USA , Canada , Australia , Japan , Russia , Hong Kong , Switzerland and UK are seeing in their own currency and without Local sales tax. Please note you are then liable for all taxes in your country. 
2 : All used Items are sold with a 3 months Warranty
3 : Should a problem appear up, Bass Freaks sprl has to be notified in writing within 3 months of purchase for the customer to exercise that warranty right.
4 : To Claim Warranty rights the customer will have to provide videos, pictures. Meeting on Skype or FaceTime is possible too.
5 : Should a bass get damaged in Transit Bass Freaks sprl has to be notified absolutely ASAP in writing.
6 : Bass Freaks will cover all costs to repair and put the instrument back in working order.
7 : Customer is not allowed to carry out repairs without prior agreement from Bass Freaks sprl. All repairs done without agreement will not be covered.
8 : Warranty will not cover any damage resulting from negligent use.
9 : All London GB (and around) Customers will be sent to The Gallery for Repairs. All Belgian customers will be sent to Jacques Bolaers when and If possible.
10 : Bass Freaks sprl doesn’t consider uneven frets as a defect on a Vintage Bass. Fret stoning / leveling will not be covered by Warranty.
11 : All sales in Europe  can be returned at customers cost within 14 days of purchase. The customer will then be issued a refund without questions asked. Shipping cost to you will then be deducted and you'll be issued a refund of the difference. 
12 : Seeing the difference in shipping costs that can occur from country to country. All prices are stated WITHOUT shipping. Please inquire.
13 : Bass Freaks sprl accepts purchase  by installments. Should a customer miss pre agreed dates and amounts Bass Freaks sprl reserves the right to pull out and put the item back on sale. All money paid by customer is non refundable. Those sales are final.
14: All deposits are non refundable
15: There is, of course, a two year warranty on new items sold in the EU. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if a problem should arise.

16: Should any litigation happen, the courts in Nivelles and Wavre will be the only competent ones

17: Any customer wishing to use Paypal will have to add Paypal Fees of 6% 

18 : all payments are done in euro. I'm not responsible for conversion rate given by reverb.

19 : Bass Freaks can take care of selling your Bass for a commission of 20%. Any Consignment sale is sold with no VAT. Bass Freaks is effectively only a middle person on a private sale. Bass Freaks will then invoice the service to the original owner of the Bass.

20 : due to EU law the 1st owner of the bass will be paid after 2 weeks.

21 : Bass Freaks SPRL isn't responsible for delivery times or delays. They are just given as a general indication from past experience but may vary.

22 : All musicians are different and Bass Freaks SPRL is not responsible for individual setup cost on any gear.

23 : All custom orders are final. No return will be accepted for those.

24 : the client is responsible for reading those T&C's

25 : Bass Freaks SPRL is not responsible for Import duties and taxes nor if anything happens during importing process. All importing process is client responsibility.

26 : sales of special order (not in stock) items and custom orders are final

27: put it on lay-buy cancellation fee is initial 30/50% deposit 

28 : in case of a return Bass Freaks SPRL is not liable to pay back import fees. That is solely customer's responsibility to get in touch with local customs office. 

29 : there is a considerable difference between professional pictures and real life. Screen light , camera , iPhone , and the list goes on. When in doubt please inquire. There will always be a difference. 

30 : any international customer refusing something ordered will be charged two shipping + 20 % stocking fee to cover international duties that UPS will come to us to recover. 

31 : in case of return or refusal - credit card fees are none refundable (cause they are not refunded to us) 

32 : Due to people returning basses after using them for recording sessions or gigs or simply buying impulsively and wishing to return instantly. Bass Freaks will apply a 20% stocking fee + 2 shipping + Credit card fees on any return out of Europe