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Mayones Guitars Jabba Hadrien Feraud 'Antique Black'

Mayones Guitars Jabba Hadrien Feraud 'Antique Black'

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The Mayones Jabba Hadrien Feraud Antique Black is another signature bass guitar model designed in collaboration with the talented bassist Hadrien Feraud. This bass shares many similarities with the Antique Brown version but features a sleek Antique Black finish, giving it a distinct visual appeal.

Here are some key features of the Mayones Jabba Hadrien Feraud Antique Black:

  1. Construction: Like its Antique Brown counterpart, this bass is typically constructed with a solid body made of high-quality woods such as alder or swamp ash, providing a balanced tone with a strong midrange presence.

  2. Neck: The neck is usually crafted from maple or mahogany, offering stability and resonance. It often features a comfortable profile and a smooth fretboard for ease of playability.

  3. Pickups: The bass is equipped with high-quality pickups, possibly custom-made or selected to match Hadrien Feraud's tonal preferences. These pickups are designed to capture the nuances of the player's technique and deliver a versatile range of sounds.

  4. Electronics: Similar to the Antique Brown version, the bass typically incorporates a sophisticated electronics setup, including tone controls, possibly active EQ circuits, and pickup selectors. These features allow for fine-tuning of the instrument's sound to suit various musical styles and playing situations.

  5. Hardware: The hardware on the Mayones Jabba Hadrien Feraud Antique Black is typically of high quality, with durable bridge and tuning machines ensuring reliable performance and tuning stability.

  6. Finish: The "Antique Black" finish gives the bass a sleek and elegant appearance, with a vintage vibe that sets it apart on stage or in the studio.

Overall, the Mayones Jabba Hadrien Feraud Antique Black offers the same exceptional playability, tone versatility, and build quality as its Antique Brown counterpart but with a visually striking black finish. It's an ideal choice for bassists looking for a professional-grade instrument that delivers both in terms of performance and aesthetics.


Now in stock - Officially discontinued by Mayones... so none available

Body - Swamp ash

neck - 1 piece maple with graphite rods

fingerboard - Pao Ferro with white pearl blocks

scale - 34,25

finish - full satin

colour - Antique black

pre amp - Mayones 3 band

pickups - Delano

nut - 38,5 mm

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